First Post.

South Africa getting ready for the world cup. It’s really really cold. And I decided to start blogging, just like millions of people out there.

Couple of movies show that it can be quite fun (Motherhood, Julie + Julia, etc etc) and personally I get very happy to see my favorite authors blogs online where I am even able to discuss their books with them. Brave new world.

Why do I think I got anything interesting to say?

Grew up in a country that does not even exist anymore, worked and lived in many different nations, now semi-permanent in South Africa. Always between the worlds.

As a christian child in a communist nation, as a German in England (scary experience that one …) as a European in Africa, married to an Afrikaans guy.

Lots of interesting things happening every day.

Just bought the weekly ration of maize meal to feed 300 refugees, had another culture clash with a doctor’s secretary who was offended because I didn’t call her “auntie” … my little 1 year old is getting 4 new teeth at once and our dog caught a mouse which he injured badly so I had to give it a mercy kill, all within 300 min of time.

Living in Africa stretches you. It’s not that organized, foreseeable, everyone-stick-to-the-rules kinda life you grow up fitting into in Germany. In fact, if you hold anyone to the rules in Africa, they might think you are weird, while in Germany, if you drop your rubbish on the street, any little old lady might hold you accountable to please pick it up and dispose of it properly.

Anyway, I’ve gone sooo many places already in my life, consider myself quite blessed. On the other hand, if you had that much freedom being confined to motherhood in an African small town can sometimes feel a bit narrow, not to say suffocating. Just sometimes 🙂 There are actually so many lovely places out there to go see, in South Africa and anywhere else in the world. So I thought, I should maybe open a second blog just describing the real good places to go and things to do in South Africa and my other favorite spots of the world.

If you think I should do it all in one blog, let me know.

So I guess maybe this blog can talk about life the way it’s dished out to me 🙂

Love you all,


I would really love some feedback from you!

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