Good night story

DSC06375My little three-year old had a little friend over for the day today. He loves having friends over, just sometimes it is really really hard for him to share a favourite toy.

Every night before going to sleep, we are telling our little boys a good night story. Often it is a loved book, many times it is something I am just making up to sum up the day. This is my goodnight story of the little knight Kunibert, who appears in a whole lot of good night stories since Steven is really into knights and swords and princesses. Enjoy and sleep well!

The adventures of the little knight Kunibert

Kunibert learns to be a friend

One day, little knight Kunibert felt rather lonely. Yes, he had teddy, but teddy wouldn’t talk back. Yes he had Calvin, his sword, but there was nobody to fight. He also had his theatre with the king, the hunter, the princess and the clown. But there was nobody to tell a story to.

He went to his knight dad and his lady mom and asked: Mom and Dad, I don’t have any friends to play with. Would you go and find one for me, please?

Absolutely, yes my son! Answered dad, and mom was delighted; I am going to bake some doughnuts!

mama1So knight dad went down into the village looking for a suitable companion for Kunibert. He asked the children: Who of you would like to come to the castle to play with my son Kunibert? Many little hands went up, and one cheeky little boy asked: Would that mean I can skip school today?

Knight dad looked at the cheeky little boy who had red curly hair and lots of freckles, and said: “definitely, you can skip school and play all day!” The little boy was delighted and said: “Sir, it’s a deal, my name is Timmy and I am just going to tell my mom and fetch some toys for me and Kunibert to play with”. Knight dad instantly liked Timmie, and went along to tell Timmies mom that all is going to be fine and lady mom and himself would take good care of Timmy. Then he lifted Timmy, who brought along a wooden hobby-horse, a ball and his little wooden sword, up on his knightly horse and rode as fast as Timmie could hold on up the mountain, through the castle gate, into the castle yard right up to Kunibert who was waiting eagerly for his new friend.

The boys introduced themselves, ate the doughnuts lady mom had made and then went off to play. Kunibert took tummies wooden horse and started riding around on it. Can I have a turn asked Timmie. No I am busy riding, shouted Kunibert.

So Timmie went and played with his ball. Since Kunibert was still making circles on the horse, he threw the ball against the castle wall and caught it. Kunibert came running: Don’t throw the ball at my castle! He shouted. You could break the wall! He took the ball and then he rode off again. Very sad, Timmie sat down under a tree and thought maybe he should be going back home to his mom. He held his little wooden sword in his hand and thought, this is not fun at all. The were not playing together. On the other end of the yard, Kunibert sat down, really exhausted from chasing around on Timmies toy horse. He realised that he was alone. And that his new friend didn’t seem to be very happy, sitting under the tree over there. Timmie was alone too! This is not how it was supposed to be, Kunibert thought. Just in that very moment, a sneaky green dragon started creeping up the castle wall. The smell of the donuts must have attracted it! Quickly, shouted Kunibert! Come over and help me, pleeeeaase, Timmieeeeee! He pleaded and Timmie came running, as fast as he could, wielding his little sword. Attack! Attack, the boys shouted together, and ran towards the sneaky  green dragon who had already managed to steal one of lady moms doughnuts! Kunibert, throw the ball at him Timmie shouted, it will make him stumble! And Kunibert hurled the ball as hard as he could at the sneaky green dragon who, startled by the two young warriors, let go of his loot and started to flap his wings in an attempt to get away. Unfortunately for the dragon, Timmie was real good at throwing swords. He hit the dragon right at his bum and the shocked dragon fell head over heels down the castle wall!

The two boys were excited! Well done, Timmie, you saved us, exclaimed Kunibert. No, Kunibert, your ball made him drop the doughnut! Said Timmie, proudly. We make a great team, said Kunibert. Come let’s go practice hitting dragons! And they took the ball and tossed it back and forth between each other, laughing at the silly dragon. When they finished, they ate the remaining doughnuts and went to play some more, together. When Timmie had to finally go back home, they gave each other a hug and promised to go hunt some more dragons again tomorrow. How nice it is to have a friend, thought Kunibert. What a wonderful day.


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