Why this is not a Mommy Blog nor a Foodie Blog

moviestevensam   steven3Don’t get me wrong. I love being a mom. And my kids are ultra special. Whose aren’t. I could really blog exclusively just about them, about how they both started talking before their first birthday, how Steven struggled for survival when he was born prematurely and how he is fluent in 3 languages (English, German and Afrikaans) at only three years old. They both do and say the funniest things every day. That deserves being blogged. So maybe from time to time I dedicate a post to them.

But I am not a “I-know-which-potion-takes-out-that-stain” kinda mom, at least I do not feel I need to shout it out into all the world. There are super duper moms who do that and have real helpful “how to make the perfect birthday cake” blogs. Stunning images inclusive. I love producing something stunning, once in a blue moon, and leave it at that 🙂

sam6I guess I am rather average, really, at being a mom. Or a chef.  I survive the daily rut of cooking (used to love it before it became a married life duty…) , nappy changes, dressing kids (my favorite part, my boys are so cute I love dressing them up) but I am sure I do not deserve a “brilliant housewife” trophy. To be honest, I wing it a lot. With much laughter and some tears along the way, mind you.

I feel, if I am just “average” at something I do not need to shower the whole world with my enlightenment. I leave the mommy and foodie blogging the the pro’s. In return I hope when I tune in to their blogs to find something that totally wow’s me. (Whenever I feel I am just gonna be mediocre at stuff, I love dropping it totally. Like tennis. Or piano playing. But secretly, I still love trying it out. To say in a public blog “Don’t tell anyone” would be a total oxymoron, right)

What well might be above average in my house is the exposure of my kids to totally contrasting cultures from a very young age. Even before we had them, I discussed the language in which we’d raise them with my husband. Initially a lot of Afrikaans folks were worried I would raise them estranged to their Afrikaans heritage. Now seeing my boys blossom, being fluent in 3 language, everybody I meet agrees they are actually quite privileged. A trilingual childhood does need some extra consideration by mom and dad. Having a background in speech therapy I felt confident enough to tackle the challenging task of giving my kids not one, but three mother tongues!

Since that’s quite an adventure I feel that today I will open a new category called Steven and Sam. If anything remarkable happens (does every day, but I guess it’s not that mind-blowing to YOU! 🙂 I will post it there.

mamasamFood wise – before kids I produced lovely cakes, chocolates, desserts etc. As a pastor’s wife I have endless baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthdays etc to organize. But with two little kids I must say that’s a joy I gladly sacrifice. As I said: wing it. Panacotta cream with red berry mousse looks amazing and is easy to make. Enough said. Leave the 5 hour preparation dishes to the pro’s. My kitchen heroes are Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay, of course. Although I wouldn’t want to be married to any of them. Nigella: I would probably gain a pound a day. Gordon: constantly under productive steam, who can keep up with the guy! Love to watch him say on TV what I can not say in real life, love to watch him turn around kitchen nightmares and hotel hells. But I wonder how you survive with a guy like that. Probably need to totally ban him from the kitchen at home.

French Strawberry Frasier, one of my favorite cakes to make, on a church buffet

In the meantime, there is so much that needs to be done, addressed, talked about, changed. If anywhere in the world people are brutally murdered for their faith, little girls are being raped and forced into marriage, people die from hunger while others spend thousands on diets, I wonder how we can sit around idly doing nothing. But even talking about trivial things as recipes and favorite children’s books might be a way of preserving humanity in the midst of all this raging chaos around us.

So this is all about bridges, from one world to the other. If fusion food and trilingual kitchen fit in, be it so. But no, it’s not a mommy blog. Love you all, see ya around.


7 thoughts on “Why this is not a Mommy Blog nor a Foodie Blog”

  1. Like your theme about speaking up about the “other stuff'” Similarly in my blog do I (being a financial advisor) endeavor to write stuff that is not on your usual site. From a fiancial point of view tackle topics such as divorce, rentrenchment preparation, health, etc. I often find that women divorce but get done in with the divorce with the not so obvious aspects such as her portion of his pernsion fund, allomony provision with death.

    But back to you and your theme…will definitely make your blog a place to go a “nose around” for interesting topics

    1. Thanks for your comment, visit and interest in helping people make better financial choices. Currently we are busy as an NGO PBO to help little children face their court trials as witnesses.

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  3. Hi
    I have recently moved to Germany from the UK and I have been looking for an online expat network where mums come together to exchange ideas and offer support to each other. A bit like the UKs http://www.mumsnet.com/, which was created by parents for parents. Is there anything similar out here, perhaps created by expat parents for expat parents?? Specifically, I am looking for an expat youth community my son could join as well as a shared accommodation for myself and my son in the Hamburg area. All ideas welcome! Many Thanks, Kind Regards Paedra

    1. Hi Paedra.

      Unfortunately i am living in South Africa and do not know about expat youth communities in Hamburg. But it would be veryinteresting to hear how you guys are adjusting. At least summer is coming – winters can be cold and unpleasant up north. But Hamburg is a beautiful city. Did you try the “Volkshochschule” (community college) for German language classes? It’s really cheap and it might be a great place to find other expats!

  4. Hi Mollie, I am delighted that you enjoyed my writing. How very nice of you to comment. Yes, in Germany it is a part of our education to travel and live abroad. This way I also met some German students who did their exchange year here in rural South Africa. What a culture shock it was to them. One host family baked a “swastika” cake in honor of the shocked little girl (these horrible symbols are forbidden in Germany and our children are raised to abhor the sins of the past), another host family dragged an east German teen to a charismatic youth meeting at another church in town where kids prayed in tongues for her… She thought she had ended in a man-eating cult and changed homes immediately! 🙂 So I am glad to hear you formed a nice friendship with your German exchangee. Thanks!

  5. Hello!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love what you are doing here! Our family hosted a lovely German student for a school year, a couple of years ago. We love her so much, & also her family. We had the pleasure of visiting them in Germany, & now we are in love with Germany & the German people.

    I also love that you used the hymn by Bonhoeffer, one of my heroes. You are right that there are so many important things that this world needs, and that sometimes things like food seem too trivial. However, for my part, I feel that God has given me this very subject to try to have an impact on my corner of the world.

    I have added you to my “blog roll,” so I intend to be checking in here often. I’m so happy to have found you.

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