Bright Side of Life

Monday morning. A week full of work awaits. Tired already.

Home Made Goodness: Chocolate Mousse Base with Black Forrest Cherry Compote filling and a Cappucino Mousse topping garnished with glazed red pears and orange bits

Previous posts been quite heavy. Seeing that this country, this world, is so crammed full of violence against women and children can make one feel trapped. I am not one for conservative role models, but you realize as you grow up, as a woman your life is restricted to considerations of safety, demands and prejudices of society, like: paint your toenails and talk softly … and I am sensing a web of restrictions descending upon earth, slowly but steadily. Watching “skyfall” left me feeling claustrophobic, the ever presence of the internet and the termination of lives by a click of a button becoming reality. I shake my head how clever the system really works. Human vanity. Suddenly everybody is giving up all their email contacts, social network access and allows one force to link all of your profiles to just one source, all in the name of earning “klout” points. Goodness, that fake score did not feed a child and did not comfort a trauma victim. count me out. What scares me is who might be behind all this, gathering every bodies information in one clever move into one central pot.

All these thoughts could just as well ruin the day, right.

“The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree

Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.”

Robert Frost

Well it’s Africa and I do not have snow, neither do I have a crow.
But while we still can enjoy a life in freedom and bliss, let’s make some chocolate mousse.I believe a lovingly crafted dessert always has the effect of giving our heart a change of mood on a gloomy day. Do not forget that the power over your life always lies in the capability of your heart to love.
I made these lovingly to bless some people around me. My favorite easy-to-make “go-to” dessert: Pannacotta with fresh berry mousse: Simply Divinepanacotta

I would really love some feedback from you!

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