Speak Up. Shut Up.

The #StopRape initiative in South Africa is gaining momentum.

Lead SA and the Department of Basic Education will be launching a schools initiative tomorrow (Thursday, 28 February 2013) to educate and create awareness among some 10.5-million learners in South Africa.

President Jacob Zuma, who recently condemned the scourge of sexual violence in reply to the State of the Nation Address in Parliament, will be attending the launch that is set to take place at the Glendale Secondary School in Mitchell’s Plain, Western Cape.

A rape response booklet and pledge, which will be made available in all 11 official languages, forms part of the initiative. These resources will also aim to assist educators in effectively assisting learners.

The pledge is as follows. You can click on it to sign the pledge online.

I can just imagine how the cynics will respond to this campaign, which is their right. However, sitting back and shooting…

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  1. Hello
    Since you follow my blog I though I would pop in and see what you art all about. Your post on the South African stop rape awareness is great. More people do need to know that we are trying. Thank you for following my blog. It makes feel like each post is more worth while when I know people are going to see it.


    1. Hi, yes it is the nice thing about blogging – you don’t have to nourish a secret hope that your children’s children might one day find and actually read your journals … publish your thoughts here and now! 🙂

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