A walk in the Soutpansberg Mountain

The sky over my head!

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A walk in the Soutpansberg Mountain

The seasons are changing. Winter is approaching fast. What a relief from the scorching hot, humid tropical days. I enjoy the air getting crisp and clean, breathable. Long hikes become a dream. Pure pleasure.

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6 thoughts on “A walk in the Soutpansberg Mountain”

  1. Splendid post. Enjoy the season.Thank you for stopping by.Warm regards.jalal

    1. AThat’s something I am not sure I miss about Germany- the cold days of winter. South Africa has nice and long summers, and the winters are relatively mild compared to northern Europe. But if feels colder- due to flimsy architecture and complete lack of insulation you find yourself snuggled up in a warm blanket and a cup of hot choc trying to hold a pen and write, and your fingers are too stiff from the cold, simply because it gets as cold indoors as outdoors! And yet- during the day you can enjoy sunshine and short sleeves. I miss the rythm of life the clearly defined seasons bring in Europe. South Africa has two seasons, summer for swimming and braaing (barbeque) and winter where the whole country seems to adopt an indoor lifestyle. People complaining that they can’t jog or bike anymore because of the cold makes me giggle. I used to ride my bike to school come rain ice or snow, and it was nothing to even talk about! Enjoy the spring and post some pictures of it!

      1. Yes, I also ride my bike in winter, but it’s much more fun to ride if you can feel your face 😉 I think I would also miss the seasons, but sometimes the winter could well be a bit shorter…

      2. In the season between the seasons it’s the best – I love to feel a chill on my face when I walk or bike, whereas the heat just lets me struggle too much. I think Germans have a great love of nature and don’t need much gear and stuff to go along with them – my family used to go hiking every weekend. Here, weekends are more for barbequing and church activities. Very different.

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