Stuff we love in the Natal Midland’s Meander

If you love my adventures living in many countries, maybe you like to follow my completely travel related blog? I am taking you through the most beautiful African landscapes and share with you great spots for the whole family, and some animals I was blessed enough to find in their natural habitat.

Traveler's Log

‘Meander’ means ‘to wander at random’. There are countless of fun activities for lovers looking for romantic getaways with some relaxing entertainment such as cosy spas and homemade chocolate (what can be more romantic than I dewy young girl making for you a chocolate fondue tray with cheese, strawberries, grapesandeven biltong to dip into handmade molten choc? …)

So take your time, slow down, relax and enjoy exploring the Midlands Meander.

Here are some of our favorites:

Mayholiday1 (242)   Mayholiday1 (225)Mayholiday1 (223)  Mayholiday2 (61)

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