Surviving the Grey

As I shared about dreams this week, a little reminder of the “meantime” between now and then, not to get discouraged!!!

Bridging Worlds

mama3aI once heard an awesome speaker talking about the “meanness” of the meantime. You know, the mean time it takes inbetween conceiving a great idea, dreaming up a fantastic vision, and the final birthing of it. This in-between time is where our character gets to mature, our relationship with God gets tried and tested, and, if we are to make it one day, our roots have to shoot deep into the soil before our projects and ventures can rise high up into the sky.

That is the time when our hair turns grey. Literally. Mine did ever since I was brave enough to give away my stuff in Germany and come over to South Africa to “do this thing” and help my husband impact our town and province with God’s blessings in many practical ways. The discrepancies of “is” and “should-could be” soon got to me, lots of cultural differences…

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