Cape Town with Kids

Hi my highly appreciated followers, what an intersting creative crowd my blogging community is! What many of us have in common is our love for our children and traveling. Today I want to combine both of those by referring you to my other blog which is entirely dedicated to travels (don’t want to bother those who are just interested in learning about different parts of the world with my personal musings right?)… Enjoy a short visit to Cape Town!

Traveler's Log

IMG_2606IMG_1651        There is nothing “mystical” or scary about traveling with kids. It doesnt have to take much extra planning and you don’t have to have less fun as you would by yourself – maybe just different kind of fun.

One of my childhood heroes was Phileas Fogg, the well organised character in the 1873 Jules Verne novel Around the World in Eighty Days.

Most articles I am reading about traveling with kids make it sound, though, although we all have to be as minutely well prepared as this awesome creature of fiction (whom I thought was stunningly portrayed by Pierce Brosnan in the 1989 TV adaption).

IMG_1670I am by far not an Über-Mom with neat nappy sacks compartmentalized to fit the different routines depending on the hour of the day. I wish, but alas. And we all still survive, and happy.

Definitely rather overspend on the accommodation, depending on your…

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