Of Fairies and Shepherds

Hi, a lot of my new followers have been asking what am I doing all day 🙂 here’s some of the things that’s part of my job, enjoy and I hope it can clear out some superstitions …

Bridging Worlds

Clearing out superstitions and giving practical advise to realise Godly vision

God has placed a very special character trait into South Africans – a creative freedom that has been allowed to thrive in a rather non-restrictive environment. Due to a minimum of legislation around new business ideas Southafricans pride themselves in a unique entrepreneurial mindset. Don’t fight me on this, chaps. If you think Southafrican bureaucracy is stifling, try to just get certified for freelancing in Germany. If you dare to produce anything, be prepared to undergo tedious quality controls and approval procedures this country hasn’t ever dreamed about. I of course still love the German system, if I buy a chair I am certain it won’t break even if used for other purposes than merely sitting on it, whereas an ordinary Southafrican chair might just give in when you get nervous about the stock exchange. But in Germany there…

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