Does “liking” equal “reading through”?

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Bruno the dog doesn’t care much about controversies in the news. He’s pretty content watching Animal Planet.

Hi my faithful blog readers. Last night was a test. After seeing some rather fluffy, say-not-much-at-all” post of merely a whimsical picture with a quote like: “do something good and you will be happy” getting about 300 likes, I thought “geez. Time to post something about puppies”. To check if any of the “likers”are actually reading any of the stuff they like, I posted something of real concern to me at the end of that post.

Well, the first “like” came in about 3 seconds after publishing the post. Nobody could read that fast. Nobody could even download the photos that fast. Watch out what you like folks.I hoped to get at least one comment about the growing intolerance people of religious convictions are objected to, which really worries me. If I do not want to host a moon worship orgies on my private estate, can the Human Rights Commission make me? Even if my religion forbids it? But go back, if you care, and read last nights posts fully. Beyond the fluffy puppy stuff, I mean.Thanks!

PS This post was called “nobody is reading my posts” for the obvious reason that I was checking if people ARE really reading or just liking. That triggered a lot of comforting responses as if I sounded somewhat desperate. That was not my intention, therefore I changed the title today! (May 2 2013) … Thanks for ALL the likes, encouraging and controversial discussions. You are the best there is!!!!


12 thoughts on “Does “liking” equal “reading through”?”

  1. Is there also such a problem with Christian fanatics or Christian fundamentalists in South Africa now? Naturally I know about the extreme right groups and some very conservative Calvinists.

    What is the growing intolerance people of religious convictions are objected to, which really worries you, please?

    1. You find the story here
      The owners of the wine estate treated the gay couple with all respect and even blessing, but they just couldnt agree to host a gay wedding at their own premises. Now the gay couples response sounds to me like a toddler tantrum, saying they are “hurt” because they had “imagined where everyone was to be seated” . Goodness. No reason to approach the Human Rights Commission now is it. Freedom is always the freedom of those who think differently, Rosa Luxemburg said once. I might want to hold a Christian concert in a Muslim’s coffee shop. If he doesn’t feel quite comfortable with it, can I drag him to the Courts? My biggest concern is that these petty tantrums keep the Human Rights Commission from protecting little Muslim girls getting beaten to death for being raped, people from being stoned, forced marriage and human trafficking. I feel there is an Agenda to push for gay, to make people afraid to be outspoken “pro traditional family”.

    1. Yip you can always unlike 🙂 I am checking out this wordpress thing,how to reach people who would really be interested in what one has to say. I do not want, like some obviously do, go and “like” 400 random posts in a tit-for-tat manner hoping they come back and just like back. What does that help. It’s not like one gets a dollar per like. Rather have 2 people really inspired than a hundred mass-production likes right? 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I hear your pain cvheerden but a couple of possible explanations spring to mind: people being polite….the polite people may have thought that it was a mistake/ out of character/ embarrassing to mention……… it does not mean that they missed it.
    Another idea springs to mind: in my country people do not often complain (about poor service etc) they simply do not go back. The owner never knows that he got it wrong he simply goes quietly out of business……….. maybe your readers were Australian!

    It also occurs to me that a fluffy puppy story sets up a certain expectation where as a story headed “The World Is Full Of A Holes” sets up a different expectation and would likely attract a different audience……… I bet you would get some ‘readers’ for this title.
    Hang in their and keep that battery charged.

    P.S. I’m assuming that from your comments your have read my post …

    1. No pain at all … so funny after posting “nobody is reading my posts” which automatically gets published on facebook as well, my friendsstarted giving me comforting comments as in “sorry man, was jsut running aorund this week” … so cute. The title was no self-pity but a sarcastic observation of the “likes” coming in within a time frame that showed me they could have not possibly have READ the thing. And you are right, English speaking people choose to rather not comment on stuff they do not like. German speaking people are always up for a good debate, and even if they DO like a thing they will criticism it to make it even better! Bridging worlds is all about that. Assessing the differences between cultures, opinions, habits, finding ways to bridge them.

    1. That was the point of my test … now I know most people do not read past the headline and first paragraph, but will “like” ones post no matter what you really are saying as long as there are puppies.

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