La Le Lu or the importance of Lullabys!

In their young lives, our kids have traveled a lot. Steven, 4, has done over 300.000 km (flights included) and slept in many many different beds!

Any child needs the comforts of love and a safe place.

Expat and third Culture Kids are no exception – they even need more assurance that their life is alright. Recently I have been discussing the topic of Third Culture Kids with several fellow bloggers.

Third Culture Kids have a lot of first hand adventures early in life!

To create a home that is both open to the exciting things the host culture has to offer and also provides the stability of a culture a child can call his very own, is a task of love. I find that having certain non-discussable routines in place helps a lot so that a child can settle everywhere just fine, no matter the circumstances.

Being a ministry family means getting a lot of invitations to many different places. Our routines help the kids to feel welcome and confident almost every where.

Bed time routines are sacred! In South Africa a lot of kids bathe before dinner and fall asleep in the living room to be carried into their beds late.

We personally have a much more “German” routine although millions of parents world wide probably do the same. My husband works almost every night as his job includes lecturing and house visits. He tries to make sure to be home for dinner and bedtime.

After supper, whether out and about traveling to far away places or snug at home, we would bathe the kids. In their cuddly pajamas they get to choose a book or two or three that we read with the,

Home is where we as a family do what we do.

Then its lights out, and we light a candle and sing together. After a good night prayer the kids will settle for the night. This works everywhere so nice as it creates such a loving atmosphere. Then dad is off again on his assignments. Several nights a week I am doing the bathing alone since dad is out, but almost every night he manages to sneak in at around 8pm just to kiss them good night. How sweet is that!




november2012 (181)
Unwinding the same way every night gives sooo much closeness and peace.
november2012 (118)
Steven and Sam are so cool at making new friends wherever they are, easy as pie. English, German or Afrikaans – the appropriate language gets figured out in seconds.

Here is a scene from a much-loved German classic featuring a loving bed time scene between a dad and his son, including a cute little Lullaby.


4 thoughts on “La Le Lu or the importance of Lullabys!”

  1. Even for a two and a half year old, its been a huge adjustment. She’s been very unsure and only now is she really coming into her own and speaking openly and more – and thankfully in both English and Belgian Nederlands. We’ve discovered through trial and error what you’ve outlined here. Routine routine routine! It’s the only stable comfort these little people have and it’s all important to them!

  2. That’s our song for baby too! Even I can sing it (with an accent of course). Today we received nursery rhyme/ lullaby cd’s from Germany so it’s so uncanny that that is your topic today 🙂 My hubby is ecstatic to be able to teach our daughter these… He thought he had forgotten them all but he realised they were all tucked away safely in his memory.

    1. Sooo awesome. Maybe it was something in the air today, winter chills make us all snug closer together. Wow it blesses me that you, as Indian South African German family would know the same song. How cool is is that. Ask your hubby if he knows the Sandmann. I wanted to include a youtube of this classic, a ten-min good night story on TV everyday that we would never miss. But then I thought it would be overkill. Amazing how everything is always soo connected. You are a blessing! Good night 😉

      1. Indeed, it all feels very connected when you discover so much in common :-). He says he does remember Sandmann… And I don’t think it would be overkill at all to include a YouTube link of it. We look for German kiddie stuff for our baby all the time. We found “Die Raupe Nimmersatt” wall art that we stuck up on her bedroom wall…

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