Show me how God feels about me

Just a little post on a sunday morning while my kids are chomping down their breakfast…


As a Christian family, we try to raise our kids in touch with the spiritual realm and have to answer many, many questions.


The other day, our son asked about God’s love. And about my husband’s occupation being a pastor. My husband took this blanket and hung it around like a mantel, similar to a Jewish prayer shawl. This mantle represents the weight of responsibility we carry as God’s children, as well as the protection and comfort of God’s love towards us.

My son enjoyed this demonstration of fatherly care thoroughly and I just thought this cellphone snapshot would be nice to share with you on a sunday. The picture says more than I can explain in words.



10 thoughts on “Show me how God feels about me”

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write such an encouraging reply. My son blesses me so much through his genuine spirituality and his awareness of the spiritual world. Life in South Africa is not safe. Just last night a fourth member of our extended family was murdered. It is so essential to be safe in the Lord and to discern His will for us. I am so happy you felt blessed through this post.

    1. Yes, if a child is told about a God who judges and is never happy, he will close his heart to the world of faith… That’s why we try showing our sons: God is happy, and He loves you ALWAYS. Enjoy your sunday!

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