About that.
Ever thought of posting some total bogus post so you can come back later (when nobody is looking anymore) and write it all off your heart?
Since this is not an anonymous blog, I can’t just rant about as I please. In South Africa, and I am sure all over the world it’s the same, you can get seriously in trouble for anything you jokingly say on facebook or twitter… And God forbid on your blog. Well, I would not even address political problems.
You see, it’s about my bucket list.
That fitness thing I am trying?
Did not work.
Sitting at gym after a spinning session. Heart broken…
It is really hard to stay in shape when… Add your own excuses. Stuff like that… Stuff for a wildcard post.

Post a recipe and then come back later to edit it and write something totally different. So your relatives and real life facebook friends and anybody else who follows your blog won’t be annoyed, and you still had the satisfaction of writing some real tough stuff.

Tell me what you think.

And no, there is no purchase of any good housekeeping magazine that will “change everything”… Your towel collection will never be just elegantly soft toned (how do these odd ones always sneak in?) and you will never follow the magazines “7 healthy and quick recipes that will keep your family asking for more”…

Alas. Life.


4 thoughts on “Wildcard”

  1. As in write a short post about “Cute Cuddly Bear” and later re-write the content as if it were “Why Some Local Politician Needs to Stop Taking Bribes”? That sounds both subversive and fun … until the mystery local politician looks for cuddly bear stories …

    I like accomplishing a similar goal with different subversion and less chance of anyone ever getting it. I find a sense of peace from thinking about horrible subject A (such as a bad childhood experience), writing about mild subject B (a band with a name that reminds me of something), and realizing in the silly asides I always include, I am really talking about really deep important things. Others may never see/understand the message, but I know it’s there, just between the words. It means something to me.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and making my day by letting me know somebody “got” my drift…
      I once wrote about puppies, ending with a controversial topic about gay marriages on old couples farms, just to see if those that click “like” read what I was trying to say. Almost like hijacking a post… Unfortunately not many got it, and maybe it’s not fair to the reader either. There is a reason why posts are supposed to be short- so that people can get through it fast.

      So how would you then write about your pet-nonesense ortell people to get a Russian Army email scrambler in the event of the US assuming world domination through spying on even the most mediocre recipe blog.I will go and try read between the lines of your posts, but still believe maybe I tag stuff #boring and will come back in a while to reveal that Mr. Snowden was actually commissioned by the clandestine services to sow fear of their almighty powers and to spread the word that resistance is futile. Just sayin…

      1. Don’t try to hard reading between lines. In one post, for example, a joke about geography was because I felt I was writing like a middle school book report. At a different part, I thought of a specific thing my ex-wife had done while writing nothing but neutral things.

        How would I write about those things? Probably “innocent” statements and letting the reader make the final conclusion. “Don’t forget the rosemary! If you watched my early drafts — you’re watching, right? — you’d know why basil doesn’t work here.” “The beautiful park was decorated with generous small brownish cylindrical arrangements. They smelled, well, vivid. I don’t understand the arrangement. This one is so close to that one and to the 125 other piles. Why so much? Why here? Do the dogs have a message in mind?”

        For my own blog and my own personality, I tend to avoid the strong statements and strong arguments, leaving those for in-person discussions where I can be sure that my mild, gentle personality, strong beliefs, and politeness really do come in the same package. In a blog, I keep it narrow in order to avoid preaching to the choir or setting the opposition on fire.

        As for Snowden, here in the states, I have never seen such conflicted people where many root for both his escape and his capture. I just start to wonder whether the Matrix series was actually an exposé of real life.

      2. Very interesting answer … different music clip under the Veronica link … yes, the Matrix … about that …
        There is so much shocking stuff going on that I wonder if our world has totally turned upside down already. Maybe living in the pods having your life sucked out by machines is the matrix and the green grass and planting carrots with your own hands is the real world. I mean, what can be more ingenious than getting the whole world feed their data – voluntarily- into machines, their likes, whereabouts, relations, their daily meals neatly photographed for goodness sakes? You think that happened organically? No master plan? Getting people to feel so under pressure to increase their klout score that they go and spend more time tweeting than kicking a ball with their kid?

        Strong beliefs and a mild personality, huh? Nice. You are very wise there. No rattling the boat unnecessary and avoiding being troll bait.

        Really liked your hommage to all those who helped you getting started as a blogger.

        Thanks for commenting, blessings,


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