Medieval Splendour, anyone? Landshuter Hochzeit!

Don’t miss out one a 1 in 4 years travel opportunity … (one of) the best historic festivals in the world.

Traveler's Log

Countless visitors from all over the world have experienced the “Landshuter Hochzeit 1475”, a historical pageant that is among the greatest in Europe.

More than 2,000 participants in medieval costumes bring a festival to life in all the splendour of the Late Middle Ages – the wedding between Hedwig, the Polish King’s daughter, and Georg, the son of the Landshut Duke.

The original medieval wedding is re-enacted every four years, and everyone gets carried away with medieval jousting, pageantry, feasting and wedding processions for a short period in the summer. The next 4 yearly celebration of the “Landshuter Hochzeit 1475” takes place from 28 June – 21 July 2013.

In 1474 ambassadors had been sent to Cracow to negotiate the marriage of the Polish King’s daughter. In the autumn of 1475 the 18-year-old bride left Cracow with a large escort and arrived at Landshut after travelling for two months. Princes and bishops…

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