Parks, Parks, Parks!!!

Traveler's Log

If you ever visit Germany, make sure you enjoy the plentiful parks everywhere.


There are lots of historical ones,

There are state-of-the-art modern playgrounds everywhere,


public displays of art,

animal enclosures in the middle of a city,


freely accessible for everybody …


I love that about Germany!




Regenbogenland (8)


Dadaaaa: and now South African public playgrounds:


I am currently living in a nation where the local municipalities will spend tens of thousands of Dollars (130.000 south African Rand) on buying fried chicken in a month, but there are thousands of learners without a school building, there are no books, insufficient medical care …

Our German chancellor lives in a rented apartment, our South African president enjoys pricey tax-money paid upgrades to his homestead while the feeding of the desolate is left to charities.

South Africa actually has very high tax revenues and could easily fix all kinds of social problems.

What I…

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