Care Packets for Children testifying in court

In a previous post I have talked about the high rate of child abuse and rape resulting in death in South Africa. Only an estimated 10 percent of all cases do go to court and the children as young as 3 have to testify under horrible conditions against the perpetrators. To encourage the children and bless them while waiting, often for hours, in the drab corridors of rural courts, I put together these care boxes containing a fruit juice, a snack, a new soft toy, a mini book and some stickers to keep themselves busy for a moment and be comforted from this unpleasant setting.

A box costs me about 7 US dollars to make seeing that these items are all new and the fruit juice and snack are high quality.

If you want to help me make more boxes, please donate to my paypal account. You can find it on the left hand side of my blog. Thanks.

If you are from around Limpopo you are welcome to provide us with new soft toys, fruit juices and snacks!




4 thoughts on “Care Packets for Children testifying in court”

    1. Thanks Susan, for your much needed prayers and funding! I will tag you in my follow up post when we are handing the care parcels over. It is very little, but for a little, frightened child it can provide a much needed distraction of the harsh court procedures and I am choosing toys that communicate friendship and love. I am also printing a special sticker for the box! May God bless you for your care for those who have nobody.

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