Hiking in the Soutpansberg with Toddlers

Happy faces!

Today we took our preschoolers on a hiking trip into our nearby fantastic Soutpansberg mountains in northern Limpopo, South Africa! I had been teaching my 4 year olds about space, the globe, Africa, and our place on the map and now we went to check out geography by ourselves. Lots of excitement and many happy faces!


The local mountain biking club developed some great trails that lead over mountain streams and through beautiful forrestry. The kids loved to stop and listen to the murmur of the water, the bird song and the wind! Hiking with 2-5 year olds must be about fun, different textures and a stimulating environment. A lot of children have never been to this mountain let alone have ever hiked, so this was real great exposure to a new experience.

My husband, pastor Andries, came along to help keep our rambunctious boys safe and supervised!
Picnic in the mountain
It’s all about having fun!
Thanks to the Akkedis Mountain bike challenge, we can enjoy a fantastic trail through our beautiful Soutpansberg mountain! http://www.akkedismountainbike.co.za/



7 thoughts on “Hiking in the Soutpansberg with Toddlers”

  1. Isn’t it just wonderful hiking with the little ones? Seeing so many things through their eyes, as if for the first time again. How far did you go with these little ones, Christiane?

    I just love taking our Joubert for a walk in our local nature reserve, and he can’t get enough of it. Wonderful time spent bonding in nature. This past Sunday he managed a hike of 5km in 3 hours without complaint!

    1. Hi, I tried to answer this several times but wordpress got stuck every time! We take our own little boys often to hike in the mountain, its one of my favorite family past times! But as most of my preschoolers have never been on a hike before, I decided to make it a fun, easy-to-do experience for them to foster a love of nature from an early age. We did some obstacle runs, crossing little bridges, jumping over rocks, clambering over fallen trees, that sort of thing. We completed a small route of about 3km and had a lovely picnic!

      1. They obviously had a wonderful time Christiane, and I’m sure the rough-and-tumble tired them out pretty well for a long afternoon nap πŸ˜‰ That’s the trick to helping the little ones fall in love with nature, making it fun and memorable!

      2. You should see my boys today after the horse riding – stumbled into their beds so drowsy I almost pitied them! plus Steven lost his first tooth today and I do the Southafrican tandmuis (tooth mouse) thingy for the first time. Maybe I must blog about it once its done, since we don’t have something like that overseas!

      3. Steven’s own major milestone! The first visit from the “tandemuis”! Since our first visit from the tandemuis aren’t that far way now either, I’ll have to start researching what the going rate for a good quality milktooth is these days πŸ˜‰

        Your children will be eternally grateful to God and their parents for bringing them up in the outdoors lifestyle you do Christiane. God bless!

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