Yippeh, we just published our first book!!!

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Yippeh! I am sooo happy that in between raising two young and very busy sons, pastoring a church, managing a preschool and doing various charity work, my husband and I were finally able to complete our first book together!

This book is born out of the amazing things we have experienced in our daily walk with God in a nation that has many challenges. With so much crime and no real social security, we need to hear God’s voice so much more.

God talks, wants to warn and advise and encourage you! Dreams, visions, the bible, prophetic insight popping up in your spirit when you pray, we talk about how you can fine tune into God’s voice.

This book contains more than 60 exciting stories and events in our lives where God spoke things we couldn’t possibly know through human understanding alone, and how God uses a sensitive believer to impact the lives of others. Your personal faith will be built up, we will make you rush back to your bible to see if God really does all we quote from the book of books, and you will be so motivated to listen to Him with a new expectancy of getting answers. Thanks for buying our book, you are supporting our work in Southern Africa.

You are welcome to check out www.emmanuellife.org for more information.

Since amazon has different platforms for different nations, you are welcome to browse on your respective amazon site for our names or book title and download the book onto your kindle or kindle app from there! Look for “The Powerful Impact of a Spirit Led Life”or Andries van Heerden or Christiane van Heerden.

Ipromon the meantime we have also published a compilation of prophetic words for 2015 available here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QW3A252 check it out! Especially inspiring for South African entrepreneurs and educators.


Andries and Christiane van Heerden are senior pastors of Emmanuel Church in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo, South Africa. Besides impacting their own community in areas of ministry, education and charity work they travel to nations around the globe to inspire believers to really listen to God’s voice for a more effective impact into their communities. They enjoy raising their two sons, Steven and Samuel. For more information on their church and ministry check http://www.emmanuellife.org/

11 thoughts on “Yippeh, we just published our first book!!!”

  1. Hello guys. Congrats on your new book!! I am working on my first one as well and love that our theme is the same. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found something that blessed you. I will be sharing more soon on hearing the voice of God. You also keep up this great work! 🙂 have a great day!

    1. Thanks! I am so thrilled right now, it’s night here in South Africa and our sons just went to sleep after a hectic day (horse riding competition and all), I still got to prepare for teaching children’s church tomorrow morning and have about 12 preschool reports to still write here on my desk … I trust that this book is going to blow your mind and serve as fresh wind in your sails like: wow if God does that for them He’ll do it for us! Here in South Africa without any social security and backup, we’re really depending on God’s voice to guide our steps as there are too many dangers around. So this is a collection of our experiences with the supernatural founded on biblical principles. Enjoy and I hope it’s good enough to recommend to friends! :-)))

    2. Hi, God is good! We even published two more, the prophetic words for the Nations and for 2015 specifically as received in prayerful meditation on the Lord. Very inspiring and well worth a look. 🙂

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