Care Boxes in the local paper

careboxes careboxes

Thanks to everyone who helped making this possible.

We delivered care boxes to 6 different district magistrate courts and helped many under aged victims of abuse in testifying at court.

Sorry for my short posts. I am busy writing reports for my students at preschool most of them will enter formal school next year. I will keep you posted on our preschool concert and everything!


5 thoughts on “Care Boxes in the local paper”

  1. It’s good that you do something to help these poor children, who, having been abused already, have to undergo a second rape under cross-examination.
    In Israel, children under 14 who are the victims of sexual abuse, do not testify in court. They give their evidence to specially-trained child investigators (psychologists or social workers) and it is the child investigator who testifies in court. I believe Israel is unique in this respect, as far as the protection of child victims of sex crimes is concerned.

    1. Here the child talks via an intermediary in a special little room with the magistrate. The interview takes place via CCTV so the child does not sit directly with the offender in one room. However, facilities are poor and the trials often last 6 hours or more. The children have no access to food or distraction other than what we provide for them in agreement with the local courts. The African culture does not protect underaged girls and often they have to testify against friends and relatives. It is hard to change a mindset.

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