Social Development in South Africa

Recently I attended a Seminar about CAPS, the new National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement. This is basically a new nation wide attempt to provide a comprehensive curriculum for grade R (similar to grade K in the US) to grade 12.

We built our facilities ourselves. Training the educators is becoming essential. It is not simply about information and curriculum but to convey a heart that will take initiate, put in extra hours and pay out of ones own pocket. Unfortunately that is not very common in the African community.

During the seminar we learned about the current state of education in South Africa. It is so sad that for many children there are no or only substandard learning facilities available. Many schools and teachers in the rural areas lack initiative to improve anything on school grounds out of their own pocket. The schools and preschools that are running well often do so because the teachers invest a great amount of their own salary on making their own teaching apparatus and parents pitch in to help buy new toys and paint classrooms, for example. I have too often observed the African community simply waiting for handouts. When talking to the teachers in rural areas which we often do when going to underprivileged schools, it is apparent that the teachers, who earn in many cases more than double my income, are not really willing to invest anything into their own schools. Also it is a long long process to bring a mind set change where teachers use their own smart phones and tablets to start educating themselves about what is international standard.

We trust God and pray and do our best to inspire teachers and ministers of the African communities around us for making changes in 2015.  There must be a huge improvement in education and in the available resources. Many schools without basic resources like chairs will need to see the parents coming together and saying “Let us make chairs”. The parents will be coming on board and take initiative instead of the previous passivity there must be active parent involvement.

Boy died in School pit toilet

Mom blames school for death of child

The learners in our churches own preschool are very blessed to have a clean, state-of-the-art environment with bathroom and kitchen facilities up to highest international standards. We want to be an example to other churches who want to establish their own preschools to address the urgent need in the South African rural communities of appropriate child care and learning centers.

Churches play an essential role in community upliftment. The province where we are living and working is the poorest one in South Africa. many schools rely on feeding schemes by churches to feed their students. my husband and I oversee 17 other churches in this province including many African churches. We see that the African churches often struggle with moral issues and are trying to encourage them to get involved in community programmes to help assist the education sector.

More churches will establish their own schools resulting in more involvement from businesses supporting church based schools to help them to continue with that. There will also be moral initiatives from churches going into schools. Churches will use local media and create educational upliftment and holiday programs. Christian programs will help children over the holidays where children who usually got food from the schools will be provided with nourishment.

If you want to help us do so, you can send a donation here.

Every penny helps, as we are currently really tight on resources.


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