Bucket List stuff

My Bucket List  – things I hopefully manage to achieve and experience.


South Africa is a place inspiring our vision!

As they happen, I will include links to what I was able to do in this regard right under each item. They might link, if fitting, to my other blog “Traveler’s Log” if it is about going places.

People Stuff

1. Meet new, interesting people

Organized a Trauma Counseling Seminar with Weynand and Barbara Louw which went down very nicely today. Really sweet and competent couple who have seem to traveled the ups and downs of life themselves and are definitely qualified to talk about the topic. Good stuff. Looking forward to maybe walking and working closer together in the future.

Might be looking “stuck” walking the straight and narrow of working faithfully in an NGO/PBO in northern Limpopo (a seemingly forgotten place in south Africa) but on God’s map, you are smack down in the centre of His attention when you work with the least of His brothers (Matthew 25:40).

God has been sending us some extremely vibey, promising people to cross-inspire and dream up some exciting projects. Really hoping to rock the nation with some bigger projects in the future.

2. Make some real friends

Tested through the storms of time. You always get chancers, once you are a success, they claim they always knew it!

People who really “get” what you’re trying to do … and giggle at the same parts of a funny movie, mmh, rare enough.

3. Do a Self-Defense Course

I decided to not be greedy with my hunch and officially plan a self-defense course for the women at church. Since everyone digs it I am wondering, why did I ever struggle through organizing these dreadful ladies teas? I am bored to death with cute little speeches and cosmetic hampers. Thrilled to see the ladies feel just the same. Who are we kidding, it always pays to be just yourself.

4. Learn how to speak Venda

Why local languages are important

German, Russian, English, Afrikaans, Spanish, Latin, Kiswahili, no problem. Even written Mandarin, I get it. but Venda? Still looking for a coach who can bring some logic into it for me.

5. Publish stuff, get back into public speaking (after and with little kids … who wants to Au Pair?)

February: Started to speak at a Woman’s camp together with my husband again. Been asked to publish. Have written a drama and choreography for the Rape Ape campaign.

Speaking to high School students about drug abuse

Bringing my nuggets every sunday morning at church. I love to illustrate my points with animated powerpoints I spent nights over. But how else do you bring eternal truth into an earthly format. That means I am also still looking for helpers to take over my children’s church classes which I am running as well on a sunday. Multi task!


6. Network and connect. This lone ranger needs to join hands with like-minded passionate Christians.

Not an easy one. Been asked to leave a much anticipated meeting of national leaders in the first five minutes because apparently my little kids were a nuisance. We were late, due to a crisis back at the church, someone had just lost a pregnancy. You do not leave hastily at a situation like that, saying: Hey, our pastor will be cross if we arrive late at a meeting 500 km from here? So we drove fast, and the kids needed to stretch their legs after a5 hour drive. I don’t blame them. They would have settled under a table with colouring books eventually. But so I had to spend the two days outside – although fully prepared with national pressing issues researched and questions ready… I might want to network with people who appreciate the effort to drop everything and come a long way to see them?

7.Get my husband’s book published and keep his back free to travel and speak more. Yippeh yeah, done and dusted!!!


Worked extremely hard on this one. Check out my husband’s incredible prophecies here: http://andriesvanheerden.wordpress.com/

8.Go to the USA, do a course and visit my friend Sandra and kids who I haven’t seen in years

Unbelievably, Sandra and I met in the middle – in Germany – while on leave! We had not co-ordinated that and found out by coincidence that we’d be in the same town for 3 days, she all the way from Birmingham, Alabama, and me from South Africa. What are the odds. It was a divine appointment. Thanks, dad (God!)

9.Have a good vacation with the kids, where the cellphone use is limited to the lesser moments.

Money is a big issue here, and also to have a trustworthy person who can stand in while we are gone. You can’t believe the amount of trauma happening in a relatively small town and how much a pastor is the first place of help for many people to run to.

10.Host a special event at church. Don’t fear the no-sayers. Not even if they get up and leave if you come on stage.

02.03. Trauma Counseling Seminar, done. Wonderful! It gave many new impulses to many, changing the mindset away from the mystical towards clearly defined roles and approach.

11.Go to Germany and see my family. They deserve to see their daughter, grandchildren, sister, once a year.

Again, money. Should do a video audition to play a small role in a South African drama… I can do it, I know that.

12.Make a lot of money so I can be more helpful to those who lack around me. A prayer and a handshake just doesn’t cut it in Africa. Work towards creating a sustainable structure for helping others.

Many single moms in the African community have to put their children in less than acceptable creches to be able to work in other peoples homes as maids and nannies. This grieves me beyond words. To pay 200 Rand a month, when you earn 1200 R a month, to put your baby in a dirty muddy yard among 50 others, with one or two ladies barely meeting your child’s basic needs, so that you can wipe other kid’s noses and wash their dishes? It is not right. I am slowly getting involved with Symphonia Quality education for South Africa and hope this will lead to involvement in helping improve preschool education in poorer areas.

13.Upgrade my preschool Emmanuel Kinderland to profile itself amongst the local nurseries.

Making jewelry at Emmanuel Kinderland Preschool

February 2013: Besides the Basic music classes and language development program that I designed myself I brought in gymnastics, playball and computer classes for the kids and also designed a wholesome daily curriculum. Like the school on facebook: www.facebook.com/EmmanuelKinderland

14.Go to gym and look like an action heroine.

So far, so good, going to gym as much as my schedule allows. Recently my car broke down, now it’s staying fit at home …

by the way, strong is not skinny. I can lift my 20 kg son with one arm and the 14 kg one with the other, at the same time!

See here for why it’s helping me to feel one with the strange world I am in:

Exercise 1

15.Make a movie or at least contribute some good ideas to one.

Still working on that one… 2 fantastic ideas on the burner though.

16.Go back to read my bible more. My mind needs a stable anchor.

17.Do something really crazy I would have done 15 years ago to counter attack ageing.

18.Bake some stunning stuff. It’s part of my feminine existence I shouldn’t totally write off.

19. Have a baby, maybe?

20. Save a life



13 thoughts on “Bucket List stuff”

  1. All ambitious, mindful goals to move forward on this planet. Thanks for sharing and I want to on board with coaxing you to follow through on your Traveler’s Log. I look forward to reading it. I am especially impressed that you’ve made the effort to speak so many languages and be engaged with the people around you wherever you live.

    1. Thank You Ad, truly appreciate your comment and interest in my adventures. Speaking local languages wherever one is opens hearts and unlocks doors as it conveys a lot of humility! (I prefer not to have people laugh at me, but gotta get over myself 😉 Will definitely continue the journey on traveler’s log, so many beautiful places waiting to be shared. thanks again!

  2. Hi Sheri, well I have waited long enough to get my “ducks in a row” living and adjusting to a new nation for the last couple of years. Now I feel I gotta push hard to accomplish something with all the experience and effort put into “surviving” on another continent! And to top it all, my husband announced he would like another baby. Puts me under some time pressure to get the ball rolling before baby no.3 will need all my TLC.

  3. What an amazing list of accomplishments you’ve set out for yourself. I’ll be watching to see how things go and my hat is off to you (or it would be if I had one on) for such an ambitious list.

  4. Hi there Eve, I will try to keep you guys posted on if I ever achieve my goals for this year. working hard on number 14, but excercise has a strange way of making me crave chocolate … love ya,

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog.
    Loved your bucket list, especially 9, 14, 17 🙂

    Love your entire vision for your life 🙂 Keep up the good work and keep inspiring people like me


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