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Award Season – Liebster Award #1

Thanks to Jadi Campbell of for nominating me for a Liebster Award.

Yeah, of course it is very very nice when a fellow blogger thinks ones blog is interesting enough to be brought to attention to the blogging community of that person by posting a link in an award blog.

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Out with friends – together we can achieve more.

The awarded blogger will have to pay it forward by posting a a blog including links to those who this blogger then would award and so on.Those who know me – I am no passer-on of touching facebook stories nor do I forward emails or cute pictures of kittens. Instead of micro journaling about the things going on inside of our heads, immediate environments or travels, all of which makes us unique and documents humanities uniqueness, these awards prompt us to engage more with one another as bloggers. I think there is a time and place for everything and once in a while it is fun to remind us that we are community through asking each other questions in a playful way a la: what’s your favorite colour, but I’d rather talk about how we could probably join forces and talents to change the world?

The Liebster Award is something like a blogger-to-blogger chain letter that gets us all talking and chatting and enjoying each others attention which is awesome, and I will try to answer those questions so we can all have some fun, albeit there is no “jury” or “real” award as in “You’ve won a scholarship to the Maledives”. So guys, if I awarded you it is because I want other followers of this blog to have a look into what you have top say, because I think you are unique, awesome and special.

The award is that Jadi Campbell of nominated me and found my blog special enough to point it out to others – I will be forever thankful for that! :-) Here you have it, a real life example of “German-ness” sticking to the facts even when you live in South Africa. For those who want to go into some more research about the award I recommend Sopphey’s blog

Who doesn’t love an award or recognition for their work? The Liebster Award comes from the German label: my favorite (liebster) blog and has spun off from there until it became an award given to inspiring bloggers that have less than 200 or 300 followers to help spread the word of their inspiring sites.  You are asked to answer the 11 questions given to you by the blog that nominated you, and then create 11 questions of your own for 11 more blogs that you pass the award onto, each blog also having less than 200 (or 300) followers plus publish 11 facts about yourself.

Here we go:

Jade’s Questions to her nominees were

Questions for my nominees:

1.Do you want to live to be 100?

If I manage to stay fit, healthy and well connected, yes. Sick and lonely, no.

2.If you dream that you can fly, where are you flying to?

In my dreams I am flying at night over the rooftops of a big European city, landing on a roof garden and watching the sun rise.

3. What is ‘your’ song?

That differs from season to season, actually. Let me share this one with you.

4. If you could climb in a time machine, where would you go?

With the knowledge we have today, just imagine what we could accomplish in the past … on the other hand, we also know every beautiful era ended tragic. So what would it be? Enjoying the golden 20s celebrating as if war would never come? Being whisked away to Ancient China, impressing the Emperor with printing and sweet making techniques? I guess I would look up where the most gold was found in the West, go there first and build a rail road empire. With the wins I would go to the west coast and start studios for moving pictures and change the world forever… 🙂

5. Do you need a private space to write, or can you write anywhere?

I am no multi-task talent and can not write when information is directed at me. That means I can’t sit in a room with the TV or radio on and just write. If its the general noise from a busy street corner where I am sitting in an al fresco coffee shop, different story. I used to have a favorite place to write, when living overseas:

6. Are there foods you absolutely refuse to eat?

Seafood as in calamari (rubber) oysters (glibbery slimey glubb) and sushi (raw fish ? nope) and stuff like brains, organs and the likes. You get the picture. Except for the occasional ribs I am pretty much a kosher eater

7. Do you have a book you reread over and over?

Very nice question! But no.Yes. Some books I read again. Because I didn’t have a new one at home.

8. What person or past experience makes you sentimental?

Everything about my dad when we were little. Climbing the alps. Hiking through the snow. Listening to his stories. Coming along to his workplace as a little child watching him teach college students. Christmas.

9. All by myself in the Caribbean trying to discover the meaning of life.

10. Do you believe in reincarnation?

Nope, I believe this is the only shot I’ve got and that the sum of all that’s going on inside of my heart will be carried over into eternity.

11.If yes, what do you hope (or worry) you’ll come back as? If no, what do you think comes next?

I believe there will be grace or judgement, depending on our relationship with the creator during our lifetime …

Eleven facts about me:

1. I love parks

2. My dog Bruno is a unique Weimeraner-Dachshund crossbreed and knows all the tricks in the book.

3. I have been to 27 nations and am happy to travel by myself – or somebody very special like my husband or children. I do not like chatty shopaholics to come along.

4. I love Kate Atkins crime novels.

5. I own about 50 books for every year of my life.

6. I used to play in a band that traveled the world.

7. I love reading critical movie reviews

8. I have never been bored

9. I wish I was any good at gardening

10. This is taking forever

11. I met my husband in 1998 and we were pen pales for 7 years before seeing each other again.

11 questions for my nominees:

1. A memorable experience you had in another country – if you haven’t been abroad yet, you can tell about a memorable experience with a member of another nation

2. A meal you really enjoyed recently

3. Describe a setting in which you would definitely find peace

4. An event that changed your life drastically

5. Your favorite way of travel

6.Imagine I had the powers to arrange a meeting with the person of your choice. Who would that be? Convince me why I should let you meet with them.

7. Since the point of this Award thing is to connect with bloggers, please share a link to a blog post of yours you think came out quite good – maybe even your favorite one. Let us get to know you!

8.Blogging – is it easier when one stays anonymous?

9. A movie that impressed you lately

10. Scenes that let you stop zapping on your TV and make you watch?

11. Something you would love reading about more.

And, drumroll, here are my 11 choosen ones!

(Remember, we can only nominate blogs with 200 or less followers)

And then I received the award again. Wait for my next 11 nominees in the following post!