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Thank you from the courts

Intermediary Salome Phaho and myself when I handed R 4000 worth of comfort over to the court. Yeah, sorry we had no professional camera with us, just cell phones. But that’s exactly it – helping is gritty and not about looking pretty right?

Thank you from the courts

Today I received this letter from the intermediary for child witnesses and victims of sexual crimes at the Magistrate Court in Sibasa about how our Comfort boxes now are helping even children in the Musina court:

Good Afternoon Mam,blessed be God and the Father of our Lord Jesus who causeth us to triumph through Christ!

I am simply excited for the foundation that has been laid because for this vision to manifest like this means Victory!

My colleagues Nthabiseng Dzhivhani has just given out a 12-15yrs box yesterday @ Musina and I heard the girl couldn’t put it down.

This project is really working as I realized that most kids come dejected and rejected with little or no support from parents or relatives as if they chose to be victims.

But when they find LOVE in that little box is like their WORLD has suddenly changed as they understand that irrespective of what happened and how they feel and what others take them for, there’s still HOPE in life because someone out there loves them and care about them so much.

DSC02559Thank you once again Woman of God for your heart for souls.

Pass my regards to Pastor

Salome Phaho

So wonderful to hear about those boxes really making a difference in children’s lives.

Of course I cannot post details about the children involved, but share some photos of the people who work with the children and pictures of the court:

The ladies working with the children who come to testify in court.
the entrance to the court room
the tiny space available for children to wait for their court hearing. Our boxes make it so much more comforting for them.


About that.
Ever thought of posting some total bogus post so you can come back later (when nobody is looking anymore) and write it all off your heart?
Since this is not an anonymous blog, I can’t just rant about as I please. In South Africa, and I am sure all over the world it’s the same, you can get seriously in trouble for anything you jokingly say on facebook or twitter… And God forbid on your blog. Well, I would not even address political problems.
You see, it’s about my bucket list.
That fitness thing I am trying?
Did not work.
Sitting at gym after a spinning session. Heart broken…
It is really hard to stay in shape when… Add your own excuses. Stuff like that… Stuff for a wildcard post.

Post a recipe and then come back later to edit it and write something totally different. So your relatives and real life facebook friends and anybody else who follows your blog won’t be annoyed, and you still had the satisfaction of writing some real tough stuff.

Tell me what you think.

And no, there is no purchase of any good housekeeping magazine that will “change everything”… Your towel collection will never be just elegantly soft toned (how do these odd ones always sneak in?) and you will never follow the magazines “7 healthy and quick recipes that will keep your family asking for more”…

Alas. Life.




When we were young, we wanted to save the world. Later, we saw we needed to save some money. In the end we hope that we can save some of our dreams. … C.v.H.

New Year’s in Germany

New Year's in Germany

During my last German New Year’s Eve it was freezing cold, -20 C. Together with my parents and sibling we went for a traditional hike in the beautiful iced over mountains, to end the day with friends in a mountain cabin with a fireplace, Gl├╝hwein, games and laughter.
Today I am spending my 9th New Years in total in South Africa, in tropic heat!
Not waking up to a crispness in the air indicating that the season has changed (as significantly it always does the 1. of January overseas) makes it hard for me to feel “New Yearish” … But cheers, the calendar has spoken!