Just imagine…

I am just walking home from work this morning, pushing my son in his pram. This lady is walking home in front of me, having just done her grocery shopping for the day at the little store around the corner.

To me it’s a daily sight but I thought some of you might still be amazed how one can transport 10l of water on one’s head.

4 thoughts on “Just imagine…”

  1. i am blown away by this, though i know this is just as much an everyday sort of activity for some, as much as you strolling with the pram is to you.

    1. You know, whenever I see something real different to my native Germany, I am immediately thinking: I should take a picture of that for my sister back in Germany! So out comes the cellphone… And I recently signed up for the post-by-email feature so today on the way home I decided to test if it’s going to work! Yeah it did!
      Normally I am driving home, but my car is in for repairs and the fresh winter air makes it bliss. Lucky you, got to see it before my sis did!

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